Before Boot Camp Bucket List

Yesterday I officially finished one of the three books I was currently reading, and the first book I had finished since APRIL 25! I started off 2017 at a rampant reading pace (for me), finishing 20 books by mid-April but have been in a lull ever since. Between enlisting and grad school interviews and generally trying to figure out my life, I grew bored with books.

BUT, knowing that I have 66 days left before basic, I decided to create a bucket list before basic training to try to accomplish all I would like to in 2017, because…well…I won’t have time to do it if I don’t do it now!

  • Finish eight more books to bring my 2017 total to a cool 30 books in 7 (probably 12) months
  • Finish Bates Motel (two seasons left!)
  • Make it to ONE Twins game…preferably a win…preferably catching a home run ball in the bleachers
  • Go to the Detroit Lakes Power Trip show for the second year running
  • Have another casual chat with Ben Leber in the breakfast food line at said Detroit Lakes Power Trip show
  • (At least) one more Hogsley concert!
  • Run a sub-nine minute mile (please ignore how slow I currently am…)
    • And 50 push-ups no rest
    • And 60 sit-ups no rest

And that’s all that speaks to me at this exact moment. I’m sure more events will pop up that I want to partake in spur of the moment. Here’s to completing the bucket list in the next 66 days and to all those who help me do it! (Or I’ll just do it myself..either way.)

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